This Non Dance class..totally different focus on moving  to the beat a bass,unique music is the ultimate motivator pushes you trough your workout..

Workout is divided into for quadrants...
First Quadrants was called Warms up-prepare your body for a workout by rising your heart rate with moves like jumping jacks,As well as incorporating some mobility work...
Second Quadrant was called- Fire Up incorporated moves like punches and squats...
Third Quadrant was called -Push your Limits combined  with previous exercises,we have active recovery in never stop moving in this quadrant..
Finally..Fourth Quadrant was called -Floorplay...had us planning and crunching on mats...we finish our wotkout with cool down ..every movement is done in Sync with the music....Come and see...we are enjoying our fitness journey and working together for our goals..😃😃


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